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PS Seminar

Ames Sintering Group Carrer de Laureà Miró, 388,, Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Development in Compaction and Tooling for Press&Sinter Barcelona   Compaction is definitely a critical step for part quality and properties. The quality of the parts may be improved by better control in the filling, in the pressing schedule, improved lubrication, and in general improved equipment and tooling. The sustainability issues of press options are also part of the game nowadays, as the consumption of energy and other resources needs to be carefully considered to reduce impact on the part environmental footprint. The speakers will give examples of modern achievements and trends that will allow part producers to improve their processes and [...]

250€ – 550€


Programme  Location  Direction   PM HIP in Critical Industries: Energy applications 8-9 March 2022 -Dresden   HIP is started to be used as an important process for manufacturing of complex and critical parts for energy applications within the last years, such as green energy systems, new generation of nuclear units, Oil & Gas industry and so on. Other actual topics of HIP such as Additive manufacturing will also be covered during the seminar. The event will be taking place in Dresden, Germany hosted by Fraunhofer IFAM with many interesting presentations form the industry, as well as the academia. Networking events such as a dinner and a site visit will also be a [...]

300€ – 700€


Ceit-IK4 Manuel Lardizabal Ibilbidea 15, San Sebastiàn

Programme  Location Accomodation  Direction   PM magnets, bulk metallic glasses, and extreme application materials   The 2022 Functional Materials Seminar will be devoted to some important families of materials and applications, namely “PM magnets, bulk metallic glasses, and extreme application materials”. Three families that have some overlaps and are very central in the quest towards efficient production, transportation and use of energy that is and will be the challenge for Europe to support the EU Green Deal. Magnets are increasingly important as they are a key part of the electrical revolution, and they are to a great extent (almost all hard magnets, and a fraction of the soft magnets) produced with powder metallurgical processes. Furthermore, the attention also from [...]

300€ – 700€


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