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EPMA Launches a New Publication : Introduction to Hard Materials.  Hard metals, or cemented carbides today form the backbone of the tool manufacturing industry with diverse applications. They show a wide range for the combination of high hardness and toughness ,making them suitable for many wear applications such as machining of metallic and non-metallic materials, chipless forming (wire drawing, can tooling, forging, stamping, mill rolls, powder compacting punches and dies, high pressure dies and anvils), mining (oil well drill bits, rock drill bits), industrial nozzles (sand blasting, water jet cutting, painting, glue dispensers), industrial wear parts (dental and medical tools), paper, plastic and textile knives, guide rolls, seal rings, [...]

EPMA NEW PUBLICATION2021-12-14T08:54:04+01:00

New EPMA Seminar website


New year, new website!   After many years, EPMA is starting to upgrade its websites to offer improved versions to the members and the rest of the community. The seminars website is the first step.  New graphics, that has been a big effort of our graphics specialists, but also new features. We will still give you all the information you are used to, that is all the events organised, the details for joining, and the registration pages, plus an useful tool to bring the events into your personal calendar. In addition to them, as you can see, there is this new feature that is a News blog, [...]

New EPMA Seminar website2021-12-14T10:52:07+01:00

Join the seminar on Functional Materials


Join the seminar on Functional Materials in San Sebastian on 22-23 February 2022! Three families of Functional Materials have some overlaps and are very central in the quest towards efficient production, transportation and use of energy that is and will be the challenge for Europe to support the EU Green Deal.  Magnets are a key part of the electrical revolution, and almost all hard magnets, and a fraction of the soft magnets, are produced with powder metallurgical processes. So, they are increasingly important, and the attention also from the institutional stakeholders in Europe is nowadays very strong as the supply chain is critically dependent on supply from China. The European Union is [...]

Join the seminar on Functional Materials2021-12-14T11:00:13+01:00


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